Clinical Psychologist – Dr Michael Civin

The beauty of the field of psychology is that it is always improving its understanding of the human psyche. One can spend a lifetime developing ideas as well as helping people to understand themselves better at the same time. Dr Michael Civin has always taken great pleasure in being able to help people at his practice. He has worked as a clinical psychologist for over twenty eight years and continues to practice today. A clinical psychologist must be capable of many different tasks and have a plethora of training as well. Dr Michael Civin specializes in clinical psychology in the New York Bronx area. His practice is located at 696 East 187th Street, 205-208, Bronx, NY.

Something that Dr Michael Civin always aims to do is to be open to new patients. He understands that the field of psychological medicine is incredibly underserved and works to help fill the gaps. His work includes appointments, preventative care, and medical care in addition to ongoing patient care. Sometimes just broaching the idea of seeking professional help can be overwhelming due to the stigma regarding mental health care, but if you are looking to better your mental health, contact Dr Michael Civin to help start you down the road of healthy psychology. With his education and knowledge gained from decades of helping people, he is more than capable to provide you with the services you are looking for.